I've got three pieces on the go at the moment...

I HAD TO FALL is in revisions, sitting at about 107K words. It's a bit of an urban fantasy, though I'm not sure that genre is the best fit. Maybe more Contemporary Fantasy. It's tricky. It's got a little fantasy, a little sci-fi. I've got a lovely beta-reader from Scotland going through it right now and finding all the little (and big) things I've overlooked. I'm also working on the query for this bad boy (below my dorky little cover image) so if you have any thoughts on that, I'd love to hear them. I hate query letters, did I mention that?

With mankind waging war against the fae, Deyl Parker considers herself lucky to escape a deadly ambush with her life. That is, until she realizes the humans that attacked her snagged a fistful of her hair.

For any other fae, that’s no big deal.

For Deyl, the DNA in her hair follicles is a weapon in her enemy’s hands. As one of the Forgotten, a race believed to be extinct, her bloodline carries the unique ability to kill other fae by destroying the magic that gives them life. And destroying the lives of the fae is exactly what the humans want to do.

Deyl’s not usually into the hero thing, and neither is Ed, the Hyde-like persona sharing Deyl’s body, but there’s no way either of them is going to let their DNA lead the humans to victory. Deyl recruits and elf and a magician to help steal back her sample before the humans can study it. Unfortunately, it’s locked in an armoured compound, guarded by thousands of heavily armed humans.

And getting in is the least of their problems.

When Ed seizes control of Deyl’s body, her thoughtless destruction nearly kills them all. Suddenly, Deyl’s new friends aren’t so eager to help. Running out of time, Deyl realizes her only chance of success is to earn back their trust while somehow accepting that Ed is part of who she is, evil and everything.

Deyl may be Forgotten, but she's not dead yet.

TO RISE AGAIN is a finished first-draft sequel to the above, currently sitting at 103K words. Definitely needs edits, overhauls and more edits, but for now it's on the backburner along with...

SPEECHLESS is more of a high fantasy but with a modern (and very human) MC. Kind of YA. It's written, but that's about all I can say for it. It's in such rough shape it's barely recognizable as a novel!