Friday, November 25, 2011

San Francisco

I'm tentatively back.

Like a ghost haunting your house, I'm kinda here but kinda not... I've definitely overestimated my spare time, of which I anticipate I will have next to none between now and Festivus. Sad but true. I might manage to squeeze in a bit of writing related work over the next month... but not much.

New Years' Resolution: More Writing!

So autumn 2011 has / is going to slip completely through my fingers. Among other things (auction knitting, derby planning, gift making, etc.) was my trip through California and Nevada...

It was awesome!

I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I loved San Fran and the pacific coast. I could see myself living in Santa Cruz, and I never wanted to leave San Simeon. You know what they say, pictures and thousand words and all that, which will make this my longest post ever... hahaha...

on the cruise over to Alcatraz... obviously...

escape from Alcatraz?

that's me. Alcatraz. wearing a poppy.

needs no caption, I assume.

windy, narrow roads + beautiful views = dangerous

also, I love the ocean. this is a new development.

the man on Muir Beach.

and our rental car chariot!

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