Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Winter That Wasn't

My iPhone tells me it's supposed to get up to 1°C [that's about 34°F for you Yankees out there] today, though I'm not sure I believe it. The forecast for all of next week is sunny and above zero, getting up to something like 8°C [46°F] midweek. For January, that's pretty damn nice. Living in Calgary you get used to some unexpectedly warm winter weather, because of the chinooks, but this winter has been beyond weird this year, even for Cowtown.

I mean, there's maybe 20 cm [ahem... less than a foot] of snow on the ground, and that's only been here for a week. It's been brown all year, and though the past week saw temperatures in the -30°C [-22°F] range, it seems like things are warming up again. Warm enough to melt this measly bit of white stuff we've got on the ground.

So, is anyone else weirded out? I mean, there's that winter-hating part of me that loves it, but it just seems wrong somehow. Or do you think, as history has a way of showing us, that we're going to have a warm, brown winter only to find April, May and June hideously cold and wet and snowy?

Personally, I'd rather have a short, sweet wintery winter than be slogging through sleet and cold when my mind is telling me it should be springy and warm and sunny...

And yes, this entire blog post was about the weather. Sue me.

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