Thursday, October 18, 2012

Been Busy.

Confession: I haven't decorated for Halloween yet. And it's my favourite holiday of them all.

Worse: I don't have a costume ready. And I had a sweet costume planned for this year, but it's too late to get it done now. Sigh. Maybe next year.

My excuse?

I've been busy. Really busy. Perhaps I just have too many hobbies or something. Anyway, part of what's been keeping me busy is Knit Club. Which is exactly as dorky as it sounds. The people that know me best always give me the arched-eyebrow-open-mouthed "Huh?" when I tell them I teach knitting every Sunday. It's not really a hobby that seems to fit with me—most of my friends wonder if it's actually a cover for something much more sinister—but I love knitting. Go figure. So the past couple of weeks I've been teaching the girls how to knit a sweater. I whipped up one in grey so they could see exactly what we were doing, and to make sure there were no problems in the pattern before we started. Like this:

The first few rows. Switching needles.
The reversing rib pattern.
The finished product.
And Idiot#1 models the infant sweater.
Round 2.
And I'm working alongside the girls while they knit their own kids' sweaters—the little kiddy confetti thing on the last pic. So... been busy knitting & planning classes!

That's it for now. Off to write for a few hours and then knit the sleeves!

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