Friday, June 17, 2011

Epic Fail: Vancouver

I only have two things to say about the riot in Vancouver on Wednesday. First, the simple truth that Hockey + Beer = Canadian. It got ugly and embarrassing, but the reality is that most of us are more passionate about hockey than politics, religion or the environment. Add in more than a little beer and a few bad apples...

The second thing is this:
And if you don't get it, if you missed the YouTube video this parodies... consider yourself lucky. It was like the most epic fail of all time.

Which reminds me. I forgot to post this during our near-miss rapture in May, because my birthday was the next day and I was beginning to worry I wouldn't get to see my [deleted to obscure my age]th year. Well, not really. Raptures aren't my thing. They also fall into the #epicfail category:

"And lo, it came to pass that Macho Man Randy Savage did prevent the impending rapture. Amen."

On that note... I'm out. I hope your weekend, wherever you are, is epic!

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