Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lots of Stuff to Keep Me Busy

2012. Well, not a good year for my family. This past week has been another tough one, but all I can really do is hope that the crap will quit falling on us and hope for better things moving forward.

Camping planned for this weekend up in the Nordegg area, so I'm excited for that. Headed up to the same spot we were in this spring:

The campsite at dawn.

I'm also starting Knit Club back up (our facebook group icon is a skull. Can't go wrong with that, am I right?) after a season's hiatus—last winter was just too hectic. Like I said, hoping for better things. I gotta run to Michaels and pick up some supplies, as the six-hour round trip drive to Nordegg should net me some time to do a dry run of the sweater I'm teaching the girls as our first month's lesson.

Bulky. Simple. A good first project to start the season with.

We're meeting every Sunday, and between planning projects, picking up supplies, and fitting in some actual knit time, that should keep me pretty busy through the winter.

I've also got to get started planning the 7th Annual Darlington Derby I host every Christmas in Ontario. Right now I'm working on painting a set of Jenga blocks gold, to make a trophy for the Jenga Master to win every year. It's gonna be epic.

The starting point...

And of course, I'm still writing. Right now I'm mucking around with a re-write of Speechless, the YA Fantasy I started last fall. It needs a lot of work. I won't get all the way through it before I need to start planning for NaNoWriMo, which I'm participating in for the first time this year. Very excited.

Anyway, that's my update rant. Anyone else got big plans for the fall / winter season?


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