Thursday, November 8, 2012


What do I aspire to?

One day, I hope to be the crazy old cat lady. I went down to the City compound a couple weeks ago to pick out a new cat, and all I wanted was to adopt them all!

But instead, I just took Lemon home with me. That wasn’t her name at the compound, but I figured since Steve French got two names, this cat deserve two too. Therefore, she is officially dubbed Liz Lemon. Or just Lemon, for short. This way, when she does something stupid (as cats are prone to do) I can say, “Good God, Lemon!” in my best Jack Donaghy voice. Love it when a plan comes together.

Anyway, getting a new kitty (and all the subsequent photos) was one of those random bits of crap I saved a blog post for, when I had nothing else to talk about during EpicNaNoBlogs. And today is one of those days, so here you go:

Lemon, Day 1
Lemon & Steve, Day 3
Lemon & Steve, Day 6
And by Day 13... Lemon & Steve, best buddies!

Oh, I did reach the 15K word mark today. That was pretty awesome. But really, the next big milestone is the halfway point... hopefully sometime next week!


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