Monday, April 18, 2011


I'm an avid reader of Kim Harrison's blog, by the way. Her writing advice is what made me take up the pen (well, keyboard really) in the first place, and got me into this whole mess. One of the things she's repeatedly mentioned is that the writing process is a not a science, that it changes and evolves.

Today, my process evolved.

So far I've been tackling the re-write chapter by chapter. I've copied comments into the document from the last hard copy I printed out (more on that another day), read my notes for important changes to the world, characters and plots, re-read each chapter and made new notes, then gone back and re-written the chapter. Then all over again for the next chapter.

I feel slogged (what does slogged mean? not sure. I'm going with sluggishly-bogged-down) by that process. Jumping from notes to writing and back again. Instead, I'm going to try working all those notes and changes into document comments during one big read-through, then go back to the beginning and just write. Everything I need to change will be there, just a matter of re-writing it nicely. 

Wish me luck.

Also, countdown to Air: 34d

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