Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Made it through all my hard copy notes today.

According to my records, I printed that copy out on October 30th last year, let it sit for a couple months, and made the notes for changes during the last week of January. As I said yesterday, I've revised my editing process. One of the things that wasn't working for me was jumping back and forth between my new digital notes and that old hard copy. So today I finished converting my red-pen notes into digital comments.

Now, those red-pen notes were made almost three months ago. In that space of time I've gone ahead and finished the first draft of the second Deyl Parker book, To Rise Again. A lot has developed and changed in regards to characters, world, history, etc. Which means my next step is to review again, keeping all those new developments in mind, and make nice new little digital comments.

I really have no idea how long that will take. Tentatively, I'm hoping I'll be done by this weekend, though that might be a tad ambitious... we'll see.

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