Saturday, March 26, 2011

Faster Than Expected...

Today I finished a quick, post-draft review of the second book in my Deyl Parker series. It went a hell of a lot faster than I had expected: four days.

When I say a quick review, I mean it. At this point I'm merely making notes on things in book two that might affect elements of book one. Where necessary I also made comments on the plot for book two, or fixed obvious spelling errors, but otherwise I went through it quickly, thinking mostly about book one.

So tomorrow I'm back, fully focused on I Had to Fall. I'm going to spend some time—a few days or a week—planning the changes I want to / need to make during the re-write, before diving in to make those changes. I also need to spend some more time on world building, the technology in particular. I mean, if a war between man and fae (just pretend, folks) were to break out today, and last for a hundred and fifty years, what kind of technology would we have at the end of it? What would we gain, what would we lose?

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