Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pluggin' away...

I just started re-writing I Had to Fall, and well, chapter one kicked my ass.

At some point this evening I realized it wasn't a hill to die on and moved on to chapter two. All of the plot, character and world changes had been made; I was just killing myself over the details in the prose. So I'm moving on. I'm halfway through chapter two and I'll probably work a few more chapters, then maybe jump back to one. Or wait until the end. Doesn't matter. All the important stuff is in place, so I just want to keep the ball rolling.

And of course, while I was working away all hum-dee-dum on this re-write, another story idea blindsided me. A tad bit distracting, that. But I don't want to lose the idea, or its characters, so I'm closing up shop a bit early tonight so I can spend some time jotting down ideas.

It's a bit out there, but I want to try my hand at something really different, and I think this is it. And the cool part: I'm going to try to write it from the guy's point of view. In my head it's a little bit romance, a little bit cyberpunk, a little bit fantasy. Might even be YA. Scary.

So before I take that idea any further... any recommended reads for similar work, YA guy's POV?

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