Friday, March 25, 2011

First Post

Title is pretty much self-explanatory.

I'm going to give this blog thing a go. Do I have anything interesting to say? Remains to be seen. However, it doesn't really seem to me that to keep a blog you necessarily have to have anything to say. What I have to say is mostly about my writing.

I began writing just over a year ago, and no lie, it all started with one of Kim Harrison's blog posts where she discussed some of her writing tips. I realized, with a bit of shock, that writing a novel was an extremely structured, disciplined and organized undertaking.

Day job: graphic designer. And I love it. What appeals to me about design is the blending of creativity with structure. You can break all the rules and create an incredible design, but you need to know the rules through and through before you can break them. That same unique combination of imagination and organization, with some careful rule-breaking, applies as much to writing a novel as it does to design. Naturally, I fell in love with writing almost immediately.

So I've given some of the characters that were wandering around in my head a place to live, to grow, and to change, by putting them together in a novel. It's an urban fantasy (think Kim Harrison, Kelley Armstrong, Laurell K. Hamilton) titled I Had to Fall, and it centers around the adventures of Deyl Parker, a less-than-heroic protagonist. Is it any good?

Remains to be seen.

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