Friday, July 20, 2012

Epic Fail: TGIF

TGIF. I'm not really into the "thanking god" part, but I am really happy that it's Friday.

Our tech guy came into the office after hours last night to add another computer to our remote access system, as well as fix a couple of other minor problems. Did he call this morning when we opened to let us know what he did and to make sure everything was running smoothly? No, he didn't. Because if he had, I could have told him that it absolutely was not running smoothly. Neither did he answer either his work or personal lines, or respond to the text I sent him letting him know we had urgent problems. With our office undergoing renovations starting at noon today, and with the boss going away on vacation this afternoon, we need everything to be working. Right now.

That's how a business operates. Our systems need to be up and running during office hours, or we can't do our jobs. Running his own business, our tech guy should understand that. He should have called this morning to check in on us. At the very least he should make sure he had time to answer our calls or texts. And if he knew he wasn't going to be available to help this morning, he should have let us know in advance.

So today is an epic fail for our tech guy. TGIF and I get to go home at noon, sit back and relax with a margarita, and maybe finish off some of those editing lists I've been working on.


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