Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trying to write...

Just a mid-afternoon break, that's all.

I was on a roll yesterday with my plans for the next round of revisions to I Had To Fall, almost ready to dive in a start making the changes. But then I felt it necessary to go out to Tipps last night and celebrate my friend Duke's 28th birthday... it was a late night.

Mmmm... Electric Popsicle

"I'm actually crying, you bastards!" -Duke, after the Prairie Fire shot

Elliot. As usual.

Just a grand ol' time at Tipps.

First thing this morning I had to roll out of bed and whip this house into shape for a viewing (the house is for sale...), but the viewers never showed up! Bastards!

So then I squeezed in about an hour of work—in the sunshade outside, most excellent!—before our guests showed up. And then of course I feel obliged to entertain for a few hours, just enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

Yes, summer. Love of my life.

I have high hopes for more writing time in a few hours, when my guests head off to the UFC show at the Saddledome. I'm thinking I'll dive right in and start making those changes I've been so meticulously planning...

Keeping my fingers crossed that life stops interfering for a few hours!


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