Friday, July 27, 2012

Just Found This

Twitter told me this morning that it's Rachel Morgan's birthday, so I wanted to send her a card.

(And yes, she is a fictional character. What are you saying about my mental stability?)

So a quick google search sent me to this website, Has anyone else been there? It's pretty cool. There's not a tonne of different cards to choose from, and I'd love some more control on the design (though that might just be the designer in me) but it sounds like they're fairly new. And the options they do have are varied enough that I'm sure you can find a card suitable for whoever your recipient is.

Anyway, it let's you pick a card, add a message, and choose your twitter recipient. It adds a post to your timeline saying who you sent the card to, what your message is, and adds a link to the page to go view it. Like I said, it's pretty cool.

This is the card I sent to "Rachel"...

Anyway, that was my early morning discovery. Hope Friday is good to you all.


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