Sunday, July 22, 2012

Excerpt from Chapter 2

Today is Sunday (in case you didn't know). I'm tired after a long day of editing. It was good, lots of sunshine and I made it through the content edits of chapters two through five, but I am tired. So today I just have a little excerpt for you, from chapter two.

To set the scene, Alicia is trying to convince Deyl not to head back into the city where she was attacked by Hunters the day before.

"Listen," Alicia said, her voice snapping me back to reality, "if they don't already know where you were staying you're only more likely to lead them to it. How do you know it was even you they were after? Maybe they were trying to get someone else, and thought snagging you would lead them there? Hell, maybe it's your friend they're after."
"Maybe," I answered noncommittally. Not bloody likely though. Luke was human. Maybe it had been a random Hunt, maybe I had done something in the grocery store without realizing it. Or maybe someone else from The Depot had been captured, and spilled the beans on the rest of us? I rubbed the sore spot above my ear again. Red had ripped a decent chunk of my hair out by the roots, and it friggen hurt. 
My hair. Fuck.
Panic, sharp and scorching hot, ripped through me. I felt Ed pushing at the barriers in my mind, felt her rage as a mirror to my sudden fear, and forced her back. They weren’t just Hunting me. They were after my fucking genetics. That was why Red had run, instead of fighting. Hunters never backed down from a fight.
This was bad. This was really fucking bad.
So that's Deyl's "aha" moment, the complication that drives the whole story. Deyl's got a genetic secret, and she can't let it get out. Thoughts?

Hope everyone out there had a great weekend, and that we all survive another Monday!


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